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Carla`s Dreams

Carla`s Dreams

Moldavian / Romania


Carla’s Dreams is a Moldovan musical project. Starting in 2012, the band is an anonymous group of singers and composers who sing in Romanian, English, and Russian.

Carla’s Dreams combines several musical styles, including hip hop, jazz, rock and pop. The first song produced by Carla’s Dreams was Dă-te (“Get Off”), an “underground” song with obscene content.

Carla’s Dreams has launched in Romania in 2013, along with Inna with the song P.O.H.U.I., later to sing with Loredana Lumea ta (“Your World”), and in 2015 with Delia, releasing songs Cum ne noi (“How We Us”) and Da, mamă (“Yes, Mom”). With seven number-one singles on the Romanian Airplay 100, “Carla’s Dreams” is the most-successful act in the chart’s history. Their latest number-one was “Lacrimi și pumni în pereți” in September 2018.






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